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In modern day Kenya, Sinbad, Peter, Akai and Anto, face a heartbreaking existence that leaves them searching for ways to cope in a life that is much too familiar for many young adults in Kenya. Finding serenity in sniffing locally manufactured glue, Tough Bond, these four lost youth call themselves the Survivors. Through this destructive habit, they are able to create a prefabricated world for them selves, giving them the ability to deal with the tortures of street life in Nairobi. Depending on no one but each other, these Survivors paint an unfiltered and alarming picture of what life is like in the broken villages of Kenya, illuminating the significance of strong family and community ties. With 60,000+ children on the streets of Nairobi, Tough Bond brings attention to the truths that shape their daily lives as they continue to face neglect from both their government and their communities.

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