Trailer : Breathe In

A British exchange student disrupts the family dynamics of an American household in this domestic drama from director Drake Doremus (Douchebag, Like Crazy). Before he taught music, cellist Keith Reynolds was just another struggling musician trying to make it in New York City. Years later, Keith has settled down with his wife Megan. As their daughter Lauren prepares for her senior year of high school, Keith begins to grow increasingly nostalgic about his bohemian youth. Meanwhile, the occasional gig as a substitute cellist for an esteemed Manhattan symphony a much -welcomed reprieve from his predictable life as a family man. But when Megan decides to host British high school senior Sophie as an exchange student, the wistful musician finds the impulsive nature that he has so successfully repressed once again bubbling to the surface, where nothing is nearly as placid as it appears.

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