Trailer : The Right One

Jack (Gandhi Fernando) and Alice (Tara Basro) are two young professionals in Bali winding down from one hell of a day. Jack is stuck in a corporate job that pays very well, but the humdrum life of an office worker is driving him crazy. Alice, an oceanographer, has been laid off from her job, seemingly putting an end to the career she has dedicated her life to. That day they both end up at the same bar. The two strangers strike up a conversation and make an immediate connection. They decide to spend the whole day going to different places and talking about life, love and the frustrations of their post-college world. During their conversations, we are shown a series of flashbacks. We learn that Jack and Alice have barely missed meeting each other during some of the most important and dramatic moments of their lives. In a way they have been there for each other, but they are not aware of this.

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