Tamil Movie: Dhoni

Subrahmanyam (Prakash Raj) is a middle class government employee who also happens to be a widower. He wants to provide the best education he can for his kids and he makes a lot of sacrifices to make ends meet. But his son Karthik (Aakash) is least bothered about studies. His passion is cricket and he is a gifted player. A constant struggle between the father and son over poor test scores is always on. Meanwhile, Nalini (Radhika Aapte) is a kindhearted neighbour who takes a keen interest in the well being of the kids.

As Karthik’s marks continue to suffer, pressure from the school management grows on Prakash Raj and he is forced to take drastic decisions. Things escalate out of control over the issue of whether Karthik can answer the simple question, “What is the answer for 17 x 8?”. Tragic events occur and everyone is forced to question their beliefs and their views. Subrahmanyam begins a fight against the system to save his son. He also discovers that Nalini has a dark secret. What is that secret? What are the events that lead Subrahmanyam to stand up and fight against the system?

Starring: Prakash Raj Radhika Apte Aakash
Directed by: Prakash Raj
Produced by: Prakash Raj
Written by: Prakash Raj

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