Telugu Movie: Satruvu

Srikanth’s Shatruvu Telugu movie- Srikanth last releases Devaraya and Sevakudu have failed at Box Office. Just a month after he is back with Shatruvu. Shatruvu is a romantic action movie with all the fundamentals. Srikanth coming with a different role in shatruvu as shankaranna. Anusha (Aksha) is a startling 20-year-old girl, who brings bad luck in the form of death and worse, to those around her. She is the daughter of the Hyderabad Mayor and should everything go well. After the death of his wife, Hyderabad Mayor Aravind (Rehman) brings up his daughter Anusha with lot of love. Anusha leaves for Bangkok her higher studies. Besides pursuing her MBA studies, she also learns Tennis and she falls in love with Karthik, who wants to become a big Tennis player. So Anusha sends him to Hyderabad to take his father’s help to achieve his goals. But things take different twist in her life. She runs back to India and takes help of local gangster Shankaranna (Srikanth). What happens to Karthik? What exactly the problem is?

Starring: Srikanth Aksha Rehman Giri Babu Brahmanandam Raghu Babu Chaitanya Mantha Venu Madhav Jocky Prabhakar Duvvasi Mohan
Directed by: NSR Prasad
Produced by: VS Rami Reddy

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