Hindi Movie: Ghamandee

Synopsis: Sachein (Vijay) is a carefree and happy go lucky guy college student, who comes across the beautiful Shalini (Genelia D’Souza) on college campus and falls in love with her but she doesn’t love him.Arnold aka Ayyasamy (Vadivelu) has repeated the same class every year for nine consecutive years. He claims this is because he wants to be grateful to his teachers and Santhanam (Santhanam). Also, Arnold and Santhanam love Shalini. Shaliini doesn’t take kindly to Sachein’s smitten behaviour. Sachein is able to befriend Shalini through presistance. Shalini grows fond of Sachein. Santhanam, jealous of Sachein’s relationship with Shalini, writes graffiti on the school wall. The graffiti read “Sachein loves Shalini”. Shalini confronts Sachein, and demands an explanation. Sachein pleas his innocence, and Shalini believes him. However, Sachein tells Shalini that even though he didn’t write the graffiti, he really does love Shalini. Shalini bashes Sachein, telling him that he does not know the true meaning of love, and tells him she does not love him.

Starring: Bipasha Basu Genelia D’Souza Vijay
Directed by: John.
Produced by: Y. Satish
Written by: Mohan Nair

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