Comedy Movie: Quick Pick

Eddie not only as no luck with the ladies, he’s an addictive gambler who’s a loser at cards as well. Not even threats of eviction by his landlord and threats of death by his bookie’s thugs, can stop Eddie from buying his daily lottery ticket. Incredibly, the loveable loser may just be the sole lottery winner of the 135 million dollar jackpot. There’s only one problem…he can’t remember where he put the lottery ticket. Eddie enlists the help of his two best buddies to help him search for the misplaced ticket. Fueled by greed, their madcap adventure takes them all over Miami’s South Beach. Will Eddie finally get lucky?

Starring: John Bryant Anna Moreno-Nava Angelina Assereto Oscar Diaz Andy Sottilare Ralph Diaz-Wagner
Directed by: Williams Vázquez

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