Spanish Movie: Maria Full of Grace

17-year-old Colombian girl María Álvarez (Catalina Sandino Moreno) works in sweat shop-like conditions at a flower plantation. Her income helps support her family, including an unemployed sister who is a single mother.

María becomes pregnant by a man she does not love. After unjust treatment from her boss she quits work despite her family’s vehement disapproval. On her way to Bogotá to find a new job, she is offered a position as a drug mule. Desperate, she accepts the risky offer, and swallows 62 wrapped pellets of heroin and flies to New York City with her immature friend Blanca.

María is almost caught by US customs who are suspicious of her movements. She avoids being X-rayed due to her pregnancy, and they ultimately believe her story that the father of her child paid for her air ticket. The traffickers collect María and several other mules. The mules are held hostage in a motel room until they pass all the drug pellets. Fellow mule Lucy falls ill when a drug pellet apparently ruptures inside her. The traffickers cut her open to retrieve the drug pellets. María convinces Blanca to escape with her when the traffickers leave to dump Lucy’s body. They abscond with the drugs they have passed.

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