Comedy Movie: The Legend of Seven Cutter

Republic of Korea (2006) Hansoo Jung encounters misunderstanding events wherever he goes, because his name is the same as the school gang captain’s. As usual, his first day after transfer became hectic due to the principal and the students fearing and avoiding him, but there are students that want to match their skills with his – the former school captain, Sung Ki Baek, girls’ captain with a strong charisma, Minjoo Han, and a teacher who was the captain in the early 80s. However, he has an unrevealed talent that no one knows of. He escapes by handing over his money to the former captain and bursts into tears when confessing his love to the girls’ captain. Also, an absurd situation occurs with a teacher!

Starring: Jae-mo Ahn Myeong-hun Cheon Yeong Hyeon Jun-ha Jeong Eul-dong Kim Jeong Lee Seul-gi Park
Directed by: Nam-ki Kwon

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