Hollywood comedy: My x-girl friend’s wedding

This humorously critical look at marriage takes place at the the big, zany wedding of Lisa Weinstein (Deborah “Debbie” Gibson) and Bobby Benigni (Joey Scherr). Choosing to be painfully honest rather than sentimental about the special day, MY X-GIRLFRIEND’S WEDDING RECEPTION focuses on the love triangle between the bride, the groom, and the bride’s ex-boyfriend (Mo Gaffney), a member of the wedding band. Also starring Dom DeLuise as the priest, Father O’rdeal, this comedy features a surprisingly assured performance from former 1980s pop princess Gibson.

The cast of the movie includes U.S. representative Bernie Sanders of Vermont, America’s only independent congressman; also members of the band Phish, like Jon Fishman, who plays Ginger the “transvestite” drummer.

From the reviews: “My Ex-Girlfriend’s Wedding Reception” is a very, very funny film with many “laugh out loud” moments. It has a “slice of life” aspect in the way it was shot. Fellini-esque at moments, it follows the love triangle between the Bride, Groom, Maid of Honor and the leader of the band, who is the ex-boyfriend of the bride. The entire picture takes place at one reception and gives you a peak into the lives of the Jewish-Italian families and their guests. You get a feeling you know all these people or have bumped into them before. Great inside humor for musicians and those who ever worked in the “wedding business.” I particularly thought the character of “Vic”, the single guy at the bar, who tries to pick up every girl he meets was hilarious. Deborah Gibson does a good job and is scarily convincing as a Jewish American Princess in her big screen debut. You’ll love the sense of humor in this little film regardless of your heritage. It’s too bad it hasn’t gotten a wider release, as it certainly deserves it. I’d see it, before you get married.

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